October: Month of the Holy Rosary


ST. JOSEPH and HOLY TRINITY CATHOLIC PARISHES are a welcoming Catholic community, alive in Christ, living out His message in love and service to everyone.



Brothers and Sisters: Recently we celebrated the Feast Day for probably the most well-known Saint in the Southwest. This is due in large part to the great work done by the Saint’s servants, the Franciscans. Their history in New Mexico goes back to the 1600's. Saint Francis followed the Religious path that joins life inside a monastery and reaching out to people through good works, preaching, and teaching. It was through the help of the Franciscans that our Navajo brothers and sisters have today a written language. St. Francis helped demonstrate a balance between Prayer and Works. In the Mass readings from last week, we met again the encounter of Jesus with Mary and Martha. The “Cross” is made up of two members: the horizontal and the vertical. The vertical reminds us of our connection with God; the horizontal points to our human relationships. Martha seemed focused on the cares of Work. With a little tension, we see Mary’s concern to be with Jesus.  In truth, Luke’s chapter (chapter 10) teaches together what we see embodied in St. Francis. The Good Samaritan (vv. 25-37) teaches us to care for our neighbor; and Mary teaches us to pray (vv.38-42). “Jesus told him, ‘Go and do likewise.’” (v. 37)                                                                                                                                                                 Fr. David Tate                                                                                    Parish Administrator                     

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2017 Altar Servers Summer Outing

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Our Parish theme:

"I am the vine, you are the branches....

  for without me you can do nothing."                         

                                                              (John 15:5)


The Most Rev. Bishop James S. Wall, Bishop of Gallup, NM, celebrated St. Joseph Church's 70th Anniversary and the 30th Anniversary of Holy Trinity Church in 2016. For photos of our Anniversary celebration and other recent parish activities, click here: Parish Life-- Photo Gallery. 



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Mass Schedule


8:50 am at Holy Trinity  Church         11:10 am at St. Joseph Church           5:15 pm Vigil Mass (Saturday) at St. Joseph Church


6:00 pm at St. Joseph Church every Tuesday
7:00 am at St. Joseph Church from Wednesday to Friday
6:00 pm at Holy Trinity Church every Thursday 

First Thursdays:

9:30 am at Good Samaritan Society of Aztec, NM (500 Care Ln, Aztec, NM)

First Fridays:

7:00 am at St. Joseph Church

First Saturdays:

8:00 am at St. Joseph Church


  • 1:00 pm to 2:00 p.m. at Holy Trinity Church every Saturday
  • 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm at St. Joseph Church every Saturday
  • 7:45 am to 8:45 am at Holy Trinity Church every Sunday
  • Every First Friday after the 7:00 am Mass at St. Joseph Church 

Eucharistic Adoration

First Thursdays at Holy Trinity Church
5:00 pm to 6:00 p.m.
First Fridays at St. Joseph Church:
7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Spanish Rosary

Every Wednesday at St. Joseph Church
12 noon
Every 13th of the month at St. Joseph Church, 12 noon
(After the 11 a.m. Sunday Mass if the 13th of the month is a Sunday)

Parish Administrator: 


Deacon: Rev. Mr. Matthew Lamoreux

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